Quality Policy

  • Commitment and development of “Sanostol” trade mark through compliance with legal requirements in the production and presentation of supplements.
  • Supply the resources, optimal use and waste management.
  • To value our Human resources, increase their knowledge and competence in order to improve the level of performance, well-being, safety and the spirit of team work, as well as empowering people and reaching their maximum potentials.
  • Commitment and responsibility towards the priorities of customers and stakeholders in order to do standard, Efficient and optimal work.
  • Strengthening participation in the organization through empowerment, increasing awareness and organizational motivation.
  • Development of the production for cost-effective products for better quality of life for patients, as well as higher profitability and productivity for shareholders.
  • Embracing new experiences, responsibility, honesty and commitment to deadlines.
  • Commitment and focus on continuous improvement of products and process functionality.
  • Determining and developing, maintaining and sharing knowledge necessary to implement processes.
  • Considering financial, social and environmental responsibilities and putting quality and ethical principles at the forefront.

Quality Control

various qualitative and quantitative analyzes are performed In the laboratory, as follows:

  • Conducting physicochemical analyzes in different stages based on the latest reliable EP, BP and USP references including:
  • analysis the raw materials
  • analyze during production stages
  • analyze the final product
  • Determining the concentration of medicinal substances and products
  • Determining the amount of impurities related to the process
  • Determining the amount of impurities related to the product
  • Analyzing and monitoring the produced water from the first stage to the stage of forming medicinal solvents.
  • Confirmation and visual inspection and packaging of pharmaceutical products.


Research and Development

The research and development department of Rougine Pharmed Company, as a part of the quality and development, with the belief in innovation and development of products that are in accordance with the production facilities, international standards and the knowledge of experts, with new formulations, meets the country’s need for access to quality products. As one of the main pillars of the company, the research and development unit of Rougine Pharmed is responsible for transferring technology from reputable foreign companies, designing and developing new formulations and improving the quality of the company’s current products. Utilizing experienced specialists, cooperating with academic and research centers, using the most up-to-date pharmaceutical resources and advanced equipment facilities are the agenda of this department to achieve the set goals.

Activities of R&D Unit of Rougine Pharmed Company:

  • Reformulation and formulation studies
  • Transferring the technology and product new formulation of international brands
  • Use of superior and high technology laboratory and university facilities
  • Conducting primary analysis tests of raw materials and periodic sampling to improve product formulations
  • Stability studies of formulated products