Vision and Mission

  • Producing world-class quality products and providing to society with the aim of improving people’s quality of life
  • Considering the needs of the medical community, to create a leading portfolio
  • Market development in the Middle East and African countries
  • Trust in knowledge of young and experienced Human resources, as well as individual development and empowerment of staff as the most valuable assets of the organization

Code of Ethics

  • Following ethical principles in personal and organizational communication according to the three principles of sincerity, honesty and precision
  • Carrying out assigned tasks and responding to the demands of internal and external stakeholders correct and prompt within the
  • framework of laws
  • Commitment to complete the principles contained the ethical codes of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Politeness towards clients, colleagues and especially colleagues and adhering to the culture of criticism, accountability, responsibility and mutual trust
  • Entrepreneurship and job opportunities
  • Adhering to the culture of work and effort in the field of economy and production and serving the people and satisfying
  • customers, partners and employers.
  • Creating a friendly and fair environment for cooperation and motivating employees
  • Feeling responsible for the material and moral rights of employees, as well as their share in the company’s achievements
  • Promotion and development of organizational experience and knowledge as the capital of the company and sharing it with
  • colleagues, consultants and all stakeholders within the framework of the company’s rules.
  • Raising education and increasing professional and social knowledge and optimal use of technical standards, we should advantage of our own and others’ opinions and experiences in order to improve the performance of tasks.

Our Partners

Our valued partners play a pivotal role in our mission to provide high-quality nutritional supplements for children and adults worldwide. They are the cornerstone of our global reach, facilitating the sourcing of premium raw materials and expanding our product distribution to different countries. We deeply appreciate their unwavering support, trust, and collaboration, which enable us to maintain our commitment to excellence in nutrition. Together, we create a network of innovation and reliability, ensuring that our supplements meet the diverse needs of our customers around the globe. Our partners are not just collaborators; they are vital allies in our shared vision of promoting health and well-being across borders.


By Relying on the experience and knowledge of our experts, we are committed to producing quality products and ready to share our products beyond the borders .

Our diverse and quality products have the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry, which are used by a wide range of audiences of different ages.

Our commitment is beyond the geographical boundaries and we are working with our reliable partners to make our quality products available to a wider audience to achieve our mission of promoting and improving the level of unlimited health.

Our Managers

Dr. Zare Kamali


PhD in Pharmacy from Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Fariborz Amiri

Financials and Administrative Deputy

Ghazal Afshari

Sales and Marketing Deputy

Dr. Matin Mardani

Technical Deputy