Sachet No. 1 is a synbiotic product that combines probiotics with prebiotics to enhance their effectiveness.
Lactobacillus Reuteri probiotic strain reduces total cholesterol and weight. Thisbacteria can reduce appetite by increasing the release of GLP1 and be effective in weight loss in overweight people.
Sachet No. 2 of Body Trim contains Glucomannan. Using glucomannan as a water-soluble fiber has a key effect on reducing cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides, as well as reducing appetite, body weight, and fasting blood sugar.
This product does not contain artificial colors, lactose, gluten, gelatin, and preservatives.
The probiotic microorganisms used in Body Trim are prepared without any genetic manipulation.


Cholesterol Control

Fat loss

Ingredients of a 1.5 gram sachet of synbiotic (No. 1)

Probiotic: Lactobacillus roteri Contains 1 billion live beneficial bacteria: 1 x 109 CFU*
Prebiotic: fructooligosaccharide 1464.99 mg

Ingredients of a 2 gram sachet of glucomannan (No. 2)

Glucomannan 1500 mg
Fructooligosaccharide 398.8 mg